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The Most Stunning Saree Colour Combinations For All Occasions 

Authentic Indian sarees are a timeless masterpiece. It is one of the most versatile ethnic attires, and women love to wear them on every occasion. However, as they say, one must dress according to the occasion; which is why it is important to choose the right saree colour combination that suits you and the occasion. Whether you are going to an office party or attending a wedding function, the right texture, colour and pattern of saree are bound to enhance your natural beauty and help you make a statement wherever you go.

If you have an event to attend, a good idea is to pair a bright-coloured saree colour combination with a designer blouse to stand out from the crowd. We believe that there is a special saree for every occasion, and to make a statement, all you need to do is wear the best colour combination for saree and carry it with confidence. Here are a few colour combinations you can explore when making your next saree purchase.

Modern Saree Colour Combinations That Look Sensational 

Green and Maroon

This is a bright and illuminating colour combination for a saree design. Green with maroon is the perfect saree colour combination you can wear to a wedding or any other grand function, a puja ceremony, and more. It looks stunning and emanates good vibes and prosperity. 

Red and Blue  

The best colour combination for saree, red and blue together, looks vibrant yet sober when worn with rustic accessories. The combination serves as an ideal canvas for traditional zari work or temple work designs on a saree. A saree in this colour combination should definitely make it to the top of your wardrobe. 

Purple and Mustard 

This is a bold and unique saree colour as it blends seamlessly into one perfect design. It is one of the most sought-after sarees during the wedding season. Brides love to wear this latest saree colour by pairing it with a golden blouse to shine throughout the day. Purple and mustard as colours also are easy on the eyes.

Green and Pink

A statement piece, this saree colour combination look extraordinary on every occasion. It makes for a somber corporate attire if you wear it to office or business meetings. On the other hand, this saree combination also looks eye-catching when worn to day functions. You can also try a similar colour patterned saree with heavy decorative embellishments on it.  

Yellow and Pink 

This is one of the latest colour trends in sarees and is a great idea if you are looking to stand out from the crowd. A yellow saree with subtle pink designs or border looks marvellous and is suitable for all kinds of occasions. You can also pair it with a contrasting blouse to accentuate your skin tone. 

Off White and Hot Pink 

Confused about which saree to wear for that office party? Trust us and go for a fearless off-white and hot pink saree colour combination. We are sure your colleagues will go ga-ga over your outfit.

Turquoise Blue and Purple  

This two-colour combination saree is something most brides love to wear on their wedding day. If the saree has bold golden work, it will add a royal look to the entire outfit. Most sarees in this colour combination have patchwork and make for a head-turner at any event.

Red and Gold 

Whether you combine both colours in a saree or match either coloured saree with a blouse, red with golden is among the latest colour trends in sarees. It is a hit colour in the market and is worn by women of all ages. 

Black and Maroon 

Want to create a powerful statement look with the saree you wear? Go for this phenomenal combination of a black and maroon in your next saree. You can carry it with elegance and grace on every occasion, day or night. The saree combination also looks perfect for semi-formal/formal events.

Grey and Red 

Another latest saree colour combination, you can dazzle in this attire for an evening party or a daytime lunch. The colours balance both gently and brightly with their appeal. Choosing this sober yet striking colour combination is bound to make your outfit look spectacular.

Green and Black 

Black sarees are always a classic choice, but when mixed with green, it ends up making a breathtaking combination. This new saree colour combination is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are someone who likes to experiment, you should try to get your hands on this colour combination ASAP.

A saree does not differentiate on the basis of age, body or complexion. Instead, it makes every woman feel wonderful and confident about themselves when worn with grace. And now that you know about all the trending saree colour combinations, it is time you start experimenting with the latest saree colours for your next big event.

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FAQs on Saree Colour Combination

Which is the best colour combination for saree?  

Among the latest colour trends in sarees, you can wear black and maroon, yellow and pink, red and blue, purple and mustard or red with golden – all these combinations look graceful on every occasion.

Which saree is in trend now? 

There is not one but many saree colour combinations in trend these days. Out of all, the hot pink and off-white mix looks the most unique and charismatic. It is bound to turn all eyes towards you.  One can also opt for grey with red and red with golden colour combinations since they make for unique saree colours. These are also among some of the best colour combinations for saree.

Which colour is the best for silk saree?

When it comes to silk sarees, black with a silver border, dark red with a green border, and mustard with pink accents look absolutely stunning. These two colour combination sarees can be worn to any occasion or even during the festive season. 

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