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How to wear coat on saree? Explore 7 Trendy Ways to Style a Saree In Winters

In frosty weather, we may feel like bundling up and ditching our saree for some western wear. After all, many have the misconception that winter wear on saree is just not practical or stylish. But nothing could be further from the truth! Wearing a saree in winter can be an opportunity to up your style game! Instead of thinking of a coat just as a practical necessity, you can get creative with your outer layers and express your unique style. This will help you to stand apart at weddings and parties. We have some tips about how to wear coat on saree to keep you cozy and warm this winter while still being able to put your saree collection to good use.   

Sometimes a mere full-sleeved blouse just isn’t enough to protect you from the harsh winter air, and you need extra layers. In case you’re wondering how to wear coat on saree in a way that doesn’t look frumpy and actually flatters your figure, read on. Learn how to layer your winter wear on saree in a way that adds a classy flair to your overall getup.

7 Tips on How to Wear a Saree in Winter Weather

1.    Formal Coat

Wearing a well-fitted black or checked formal coat around the shoulders looks classic and effortless. Try a tweed overcoat for even colder temperatures. Leave the coat open and hanging loosely around your shoulders to show off your saree underneath. Whether you pair it with either a bold red or an angelic pastel saree, this winter saree look gives contemporary chic vibes, especially when worn with closed pump heels or boots.

2.    Turtle-Neck Blouse

How to wear saree in winter with zero effort and still feel gorgeous? A plain turtle neck in wool or acrylic material is easy for anyone to pull off. This is a very versatile look that you can wear with almost any kind of saree. Choose thicker sweaters with longer necks to avoid getting a sore throat in chilly weather. Pair together with a long, beaded necklace to complete the look.

3.    Thick Large Shawl

This is a classic look for those wearing a saree in winter. Grab a beautifully embroidered pashmina or a regal velvet shawl with zardozi. This can spice up your outfit and make you look ravishing since the extra layer makes you stand out and look royal. The thick materials bring much-needed warmth, and the embroidery adds even more beauty to your look. Just make sure the embroidery matches well with your saree and blouse, and try not to combine too many clashing fabrics and embellishments.

4.    Long Coat

A gorgeous long jacket that flows behind you as you strut around in your saree will make all heads turn! So if you’re wondering how to wear coat on saree that blends in well and has an ethnic and traditional flair, this is the right option for you. You could either wear a sleek version that hugs your figure and tapers at the back or, alternatively, get one with more coverage that can be fastened at the front. Drape the pallu around the outside of the coat to show it off.

5.    Belted Winter Look

Wearing too many layers in the winter has the disadvantage of hiding your figure and, at worst, making you look dowdy. That’s where a belt can save the day! No matter how thick your layers are, it’s a great way to highlight your waist and give you a pretty silhouette. You can wear it underneath an open jacket or tie your belt over your closed jacket. You can even take your pallu to the front and tuck it in the belt for a chic look.

6.    Fancy Embroidered Jacket

Pull off this look with a zardozi or kantha embroidered jacket to jazz up your winter look. Whether cropped or floor-length, these heavy jackets work especially well with plain and simple sarees. Try a gorgeous brocade jacket for silk or crepe sarees. Remember, a versatile jacket that matches a bunch of your sarees can help you create many unique winter wear on saree looks without much extra cost or effort.

7.    Casual Denim Look

This casual Indo-Western look is great for those with a youthful vibe. An ideal choice for daytime parties or even not-too-formal evening events. Combine this with a mul cotton saree and sneakers for a cute and edgy look. You can wear it simply on top of the entire saree, or you can style your pallu in different ways around the jacket for a fun and creative getup.

How To Wear Coat on Saree with Ease and Comfort

So, you may be asking yourself, how to wear coat on saree in a comfortable way and avoid getting overheated? When donning winter wear on saree, always wear your coats and layers in such a way that you have the option of taking them off easily when it gets too warm. For example, when you’re on the dance floor at that winter wedding, you will probably want to take off your jacket and shawl! Plan for that in advance by not pinning anything in a way that is hard to take off quickly on your own.

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FAQs on How To Wear Coat On Saree

What should I wear on saree in winter?

To feel warm enough on cold days, wear a coat or shawl in an appropriate size and thickness. The fabric should be thick enough to shield you from chilly winds. For lighter winters, a thin turtle neck sweater should suffice.

How do you style an overcoat on a saree?

You can keep the coat over your shoulders and try to avoid a clash of colours by wearing a simple saree underneath. Keep the look chic and timeless by not going overboard with accessories. A string of pearls or diamond studs works well.

Can we wear jacket on saree?

Jackets combine beautifully with sarees. Experiment with different fabrics depending on the look you are trying to achieve. For example, a rich brocade jacket would go well with a traditional pattu saree, whereas a simple light denim jacket pairs nicely with a cotton saree.

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