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The Art Of Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles, Must-Try For The Fashionista

Did you know that your lehenga dupatta style is one of the critical pillars of sustainability in fashion? It’s all about reusability — the art of wearing the same outfit multiple times with slight changes that make it seem like an entirely new ensemble every time.

Changing your lehenga dupatta draping style ensures that you can modify your lehenga ensemble sufficiently to look like a completely new outfit. That way, you can do your bit for the environment instead of buying a new wedding lehenga whenever you need it. You also won’t have to look for deals or buy only affordable lehengas. You will be able to splurge on those expensive pieces too. In addition to changing your dupatta, you must try unique dupatta draping styles for lehengas that elevate the outfit in different ways.  

Did you know there are over 50 ways to wear a dupatta over your lehenga? Choosing a suitable lehenga dupatta style begins with understanding the various existing styles. That’s the purpose of this article. We’re here to talk about the modern lehenga dupatta styles and the more traditional ones so that you can choose the style that suits you the most. 

Explore Different Lehenga Dupatta Styles  

If you thought wearing a dupatta with your lehenga was a simple matter of draping it over your shoulders, think again. There are so many variations to the classic dupatta draping that you will want to try them all. The most common lehenga dupatta style is the one-shoulder drape. The dupatta can then be tied at the waist or fastened with a belt or a pin. But if you are a bride looking for unique dupatta draping styles for lehenga, this blog is for you. 

  • Single lehenga dupatta drape over the head – a popular bridal trend is to wear a single lehenga dupatta pinned to the top of the head. You can wear it draped over one shoulder or leave it hanging over your back. A variation to this is to drape the lehenga dupatta over one shoulder and across the chest to the other shoulder, similar to how Sikh brides wear their dupattas. This more traditional lehenga dupatta style features the dupatta as a prominent part of the ensemble. If it is simple and plain, this look might not suit your outfit. 
  • Single dupatta as a wrist accessory – A modern lehenga dupatta style is to wear it draped over the head, over one shoulder, and tied to the wrist on the same side. This elevates the traditional way of wearing the dupatta. The dupatta can be tied to one or both wrists in some styles. This provides a fairytale-like look to the lehenga, like the princesses that graced palaces years ago. This style accessorizes the wrist as well. These looks are perfect for a bride during her wedding or reception. 
  • Single dupatta as a cape – other variations of the unique dupatta draping styles for lehenga include wearing the dupatta over both shoulders across the chest, similar to how it is worn with salwar suits. This casual style is typically worn during informal occasions like a Mehendi or Haldi ceremony. An alternative is wearing the dupatta draped over the shoulders and upper arms like a cape. This shows off the dupatta and is suitable for formal events like wedding receptions. A variation to this look is to wear a bunched-up dupatta over both elbows. This is the perfect look for formal occasions where the dupatta is the same colour and has the same work as the rest of the lehenga.  
  • Single dupatta as a sash across the body – another traditional style with a modern twist is to wear the dupatta over one shoulder, across the body, and tucked in at the back. This showcases the dupatta well alongside the blouse and lehenga skirt. This is perfect for a sangeet function or a reception lehenga where the dupatta supports the glamour of the lehenga itself. This is perfect for a lehenga net dupatta style, as the net fabric doesn’t overpower the lehenga. 
  • Double dupattas over the head – another dupatta draping style gaining popularity is wearing a double dupatta. One dupatta will be the same colour or will match the lehenga itself, while the other will be in a contrasting yet complementary colour. This is quite a modern twist on a traditional look. The first dupatta, typically the self-colored one, can be draped over the head, while the other can be pleated and draped over one shoulder. In addition, the second dupatta can be draped as a sash across the body. 
  • Double dupattas with belt – while handling one dupatta and a heavy lehenga is difficult, add another dupatta, and brides will be struggling. That’s where the waist belt comes in. Used as a fashion accessory and a practical help, this modern lehenga dupatta style, keeps the ensemble together and makes it more manageable. This will ensure that brides can dance at their sangeet function or wedding reception without worrying about which part of their outfit is coming undone.  
  • Double dupatta over shoulders – another variant of the double dupatta style is to have the dupattas pleated and draped over each shoulder. This gives the entire ensemble a grand appearance and can be worn at formal events by the bride at her wedding or reception. 

Choose the best lehenga dupatta style for your ensemble

With so many options, how do you choose the best lehenga dupatta style that will elevate your outfit? Well, keep in mind the dupatta itself. Is it a contrast-colored dupatta with many embroideries, or is it a simple net dupatta with a zari border? Next, consider the lehenga. Is there much work on the lehenga blouse that needs to be visible? Next, consider your personal style. Do you have a traditional dupatta drape or a modern lehenga dupatta style that also blends the traditional? For a richly embroidered lehenga, a dupatta style over the head that hangs loosely over the back is best. A simple lehenga can be spiced up with a double dupatta that carries much oomph. 

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FAQs on Lehenga Dupatta Style

How do you wrap a lehenga dupatta?

Consider your outfit and drape the dupatta in a way that elevates the ensemble. A simple lehenga can do with some drama in the form of a lehenga drape. If the lehenga is already richly ornate, you can do something simple with your lehenga that works well in the overall silhouette. Wearing a lehenga dupatta as a wrap requires you to drape it over the shoulder and chest.

Which side is best for a dupatta?

Traditionally, dupattas are placed over the left shoulder. However, modern dupatta draping styles mean that you can wear them on any shoulder and even on both shoulders! There are no rules to follow except to elevate your outfit by wearing your dupatta in a unique manner.

How do you style a dupatta?

Wearing a dupatta can make or break your outfit. Style it in a way that elevates your outfit. Give your lehenga and dupatta permission to be free on their own so that they look great together.

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