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The Influence And Effect Of The Colours We Wear

“Clothes make the man.”

You may have heard this powerful expression from Mark Twain before. The fact is clothes are a powerful tool for self-expression. What we wear directly affects our mood and the way we are perceived. Want proof? Just think back to the last time you got all dressed up to go for a wedding or party… Right? There’s no arguing that when we look our best, we feel our best too. 

Colour is a vital element to what we wear. It’s captivating and memorable. When you meet a stranger, you probably remember the colour of the clothes they wore and not their name. That’s the power of colour. 

The colour of our clothes can say a lot about us too. It can tell people who we are, what kind of mood we’re in, our personality, and in some cultures, status too. For example, in the mid 14th to 16th century, only high-ranking socialites in Europe were allowed to wear crimson. This was because crimson was harder and more expensive to manufacture, and therefore, the colour was linked to the wealthy. 

Colour psychology in India is even more interesting. Even today, there are still rules that we follow related to the colour of the clothing we wear. For example, Hindus wear white to funerals as a symbol of respect, while Christians wear black as a symbol of mourning. Themes and contexts play a massive role in colour psychology. That’s why we decided to break down the effect of colours. Read on and prepare to be surprised by what you learn!  

Red: Perhaps one of the most popular colours with women all over the world, and known for its bold resplendence. In the west, red is the colour of passion and love. In India, the colour red holds a deep significance – particularly when it comes to bridal wear. Red signifies fertility, opulence, and purity. From the tikka on the new bride’s forehead to the red mehendi on her palms and finally, the bridal wardrobe, red is a vital element of the wedding ceremony. Brides generally wear it as a symbol of femineity and new beginnings. A truly auspicious colour if you’re looking for something that brings out strong emotions. Or even if you want to feel like a bold badass, then red is your best colour option. For a fun, bold and modish salwar, then take a look at our Red Chikankari Georgette Salwar or our Red Sequins Georgette Salwar from our latest Rangrez Collection. 

Red Chikankari Georgette Salwar 

Red Sequins Georgette Salwar

Pink: Light, vivid and captivating. The colour pink is a wardrobe favourite for many all over India and the world. For years, scientists have speculated as to why the colour is so favoured – especially among women. Evolutionary scientists have postulated that it’s because women used to be gatherers that we’re drawn to berry-like colours. Regardless of what science has to say about it, we’re of only one opinion – you can never go wrong with pink. Pretty, subtle and girly, it’s the perfect colour to wear to a wedding as a bridesmaid, sister of the bride, a daytime function, or an office party. It’s feminine and youthful, and suitable for women of all age groups. Our latest Rangrez Collection is full of flirty, girly and classy pink salwar and sharara suits. Our Pink Zariwork Georgette Salwar and Baby Pink Mirrorwork Georgette Salwar are two versatile pieces that can be worn to a multitude of events. 

Pink Zariwork Georgette Salwar

Baby Pink Mirrorwork Georgette Salwar

Blue: The colour of the ocean, sky and serenity. It’s hard not to feel a sense of calmness when you look at someone wearing blue. With clothes, blue symbolizes stability, dependability, and trust, which could explain why all our favorite, trusty denim jeans happen to be blue. Blue is a wardrobe staple, and because of its soothing qualities, psychologists recommend wearing it to meetings, gatherings and any other event that may give you the jitters (case in point, an ex’s wedding?). It’s also a versatile color that catches attention without demanding it. For a day function, try a soothing shade of light or powder blue, like our Sky Blue Threadwork Georgette Salwar. And if it’s an evening function, try a jewelled tone, like our Navy Blue Gotapatti Salwar with Gota Patti embroidery, which is a real eye-catcher.

Sky Blue Threadwork Georgette Salwar

Navy Blue Gotapatti Salwar

Yellow: A deeply significant colour, yellow signifies vibrancy, prosperity, and opulence. This could explain why wearing yellow to the haldi ceremony of the bride and groom is a mandate. An auspicious bridal colour, it’s also a youthful, happy colour that positively affects our moods. The colour yellow is also associated with positive elements in nature, like sunshine and sunflowers. That’s why if you’re looking to captivate a room, appear warm and friendly, and in general, have a good time, then yellow is your go-to! Our Yellow Print Georgette Salwar is a classy, elegant option for an office party setting. For a haldi ceremony or cocktail party, look at our Yellow Chikankari Georgette Salwar.

Yellow Print Georgette Salwar

Yellow Chikankari Georgette Salwar

Green: If you’re looking to appear put-together, at-ease and calm, then try wearing green clothes. The colour is linked to peace, growth, and balance. While it’s as captivating as any other colour, it’s also soothing to the eye and senses. This can also make you appear confident, laid-back, and calm. The colour of a fresh start, we highly recommend wearing it to your first office party or when you’re meeting the in-laws for the first time! Our Pista Green Mirrorwork Georgette Salwar would look great at a friend’s Shaadi, while our Bottle Green Zariwork Georgette Salwar would look lovely at an office function. 

Pista Green Mirrorwork Georgette Salwar

Bottle Green Zariwork Georgette Salwar

Let your outfit do the talking the next time you have to go out! Play around with colours and pay close attention to their effect on your mood and on those around you. Boost your confidence or calm your senses by choosing an outfit with the right colour option. Remember, your clothes speak louder than you do! 

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