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Crop Top With Saree: Explore How To Wear Along with 9 Attractive Blouse Designs, Tips And Tricks

Sarees have found a way into, not just our wardrobes, but our hearts too. After all, through centuries, they’ve only evolved to find more patrons and stepped into styles never imagined before. One can’t help but try and discover new ways to enjoy this ageless fashion gem. Another wardrobe favourite is crop tops. Super versatile and chic. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that pairing crop top with saree is all the rage now.

List of Stylish Crop Top Blouse Designs

Whether you’re looking for a playful mehendi look that also checks the box of comfort, or simply want to elevate your formal wear for an important meeting, the crop top blouse for saree is the answer, my friend. No more hassles of matching blouses for every saree and occasion! Read on to discover 9 chic crop top blouse for saree ideas.

1. Little Black Crop Top With Saree

A perfect way to start your journey of pairing a crop top with saree. A well-fitted black crop top is a wardrobe essential that perks up almost all types of sarees easily. It also facilitates experimentation in jewellery such as oxidised silver and statement formal wear. Pair a black crop top with saree donning clean prints to create a bold look. It pairs particularly well with pastel shade sarees.

2. Fluffed-up Sleeve Crop Top Blouse For Saree

A perfect pick for an edgy ethnic look, coupling traditional handlooms with a neo-modern aesthetic. A light cotton handloom like kota doria or khaki looks great with a below-elbow length fluffed sleeve crop top, especially in experimentative drapes. Adding chic details on the Crop Top With Saree like buttons on the sleeves and a Chinese collar is also a game changer. 

3. Halter Neck Crop Top

An ever-flattering fit, halter neck crop top gives a contemporary twist to any saree, hassle-free. It is one of the simple crop top blouse designs. You can have the crop top customised from the saree blouse material or add a similar lace on the neckline, also saving you the hassle of accessorising heavily. The halter neck crop top blouse for saree can be perked up with a tie-around bow on the neckline and elevates even budget sarees into fancy occasion wear.

4.Cape-Style Crop Top With Saree

Another one of the super stylish crop top designs that’ll jazz up your fit. Pair it with a silk saree and smokey eyes, and voila! You’ve got yourself a picture-perfect look. You can also experiment with the drape to maximise attention on the cape-style crop top. 

5. Bold Patterned Crop Top With Saree

Say yes to bold and peppy patterns when styling a rather plain saree with crop top. Broad parallel lines, polka dots, multicolour, chequered patterns, and layered geometric motifs, all make for a great visual treat. Use them cleverly, and you’ll be able to craft an effortless illusion of looking taller, slimmer, or whatever other desired effect you’re looking for. 

6. Tube Crop Top

This style goes back to the innocent days of trying a saree with top snuck out from your mother’s wardrobe. Tube tops come in traditional prints, too now, like block prints and floral motifs. They look chic and work well with almost all kinds of sarees. Accessorise with a statement necklace or soft pearls and make your look as vogue or classic as you like. 

7. Bralette-Style Crop Top

If you’re trying to evoke Sushmita Sen vibes in a steamy hot saree look, a bralette-style crop top and saree will do it for you. Their lacy details and silken straps spice up your ethnic look in a jiffy. Sarees with sleek materials and a body-flattering fall like chiffon, georgette, net, and soft silk work the best. 

8. Floral Crop Top 

Floral prints always find a way back into fashion trends in different forms. A dainty white crop top with small floral designs looks great with a printed saree. You can do a wavy ponytail and ditch bangles for gold kadas to craft a playful girl-next-door look. In terms of floral crop top hand designs, bell sleeves, as well as ruffled sleeves, work as a chic detail. 

9. Turtleneck Crop Top

Some days it doesn’t hurt to dress like you have a red carpet to be on. Turtle-neck crop tops are ritzy and can be worn for cocktail parties or intimate gatherings. The fun part is that it works as a sublime canvas, and you can play around with accessories. A pearl necklace, big stones earrings, and statement hoops; all add a quirk to the fit. 

Remember, the very idea of pairing a crop top with saree started with breaking the rules. So technically, there are no rules. Let your creative side take over to create a look that speaks of your personal style. Maybe next time, we can feature your innovative and stylish crop top blouse designs on our list. 

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FAQs on Crop Top With Saree

Can you wear a crop top with a saree?

Of course! Sarees are beautiful because they accommodate so many cultures, crafts, and personal styles. You can definitely pair a crop top as a blouse with a saree. Classic black crop tops, tube tops, and turtlenecks are some good options if it’s your first time donning this look. You can also play with your draping style by tying a knot on the shoulder pallu or using the sidha pallu style.

How can I hide my stomach in a crop top?

Firstly, choosing a good-fit crop top is important. Opt for ones that are flow-ier so that you don’t feel too exposed. Use a camisole underneath if needed and let layering be your best mate. Wear your crop top with a shirt or a jacket for those uber chic vibes.

What is the best pair for a crop top?

The beauty of crop tops is that they are super versatile. So, the best pair is more of a question about what style or occasion you’re looking at. You could wear it with silk sarees for a contrasting look or with chiffon sarees for a dreamy look.

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