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Blouse Design: Explore Trendy Front And Back Designs For Women

Your saree outfit is incomplete without a beautiful blouse to go with it. No matter how elegant the saree may be, its beauty is lost if the blouse is plain. Gone are the days when a blouse design was a swatch of coloured fabric stitched to a standard style. Now, you have several colours, patterns, and style options in saree blouse designs.

Blouses are more than just an accessory to accompany a saree; they can be what makes the saree stand out. That’s why it’s important to plan your saree blouse design so you can confidently nail the look. Our style recommendations on front and back blouse designs will help you choose your saree blouse to take your ethnic attire to the next level.

Saree Blouse Designs To Elevate Your Ethnic Look

With so many saree blouse designs available, you might not know where to begin. Worry not. We’ve got you covered. 

Here are some simple saree blouse designs to get you started:

1. Mandarin Collar Blouse Designs:

The mandarin collar is a simple blouse design suitable for your elegant designer sarees. Don’t confuse simple with boring though, as this collar can be styled in several ways. You can wear it as a sleeveless blouse, and add an oval hole in the neckline. Or, if you want to stick to the original design but add some flavour, you can add buttons down the front in a contrasting colour.

This collar suits those with a long neck. The mandarin collar leaves room to add your unique spin to the classic blouse design.

2. Halter Neck Blouse Designs:

Show off those fabulous shoulders with a halter neck blouse! You can even go bold and style it up by adding a sheer patch that runs from the neck to the top of the hem. A halter neck blouse design is the go-to choice when you want your neck to look longer and shoulders to grab gazes.

It will make you feel like you are walking the red carpet. Tie your hair in a bun and wear big hoop earrings to complete the look.

3. Boat Neck Blouse Designs:

A boat neck is the way to go for your blouse design if you want to flaunt those collarbones. This design is ideal for those who want a blouse that is neither too modest nor too bold. The neckline is the perfect backdrop for a choker necklace, should you choose to accessorize in that manner.

This neckline goes well with or without sleeves and ensures you will be feeling your most beautiful self!

4. Sweetheart Neckline Blouse Designs:

Go bold or go home! Modern saree blouse designs come with a variety of options for necklines, depending on how you drape your saree pallu. A sweetheart neckline is just what you need to accentuate your curves.

If you’re comfortable showing just a hint of cleavage and are planning to drape the pallu loosely across your chest, then extend the depth of the sweetheart neckline for a sensational look.

5. Round Neck Blouse Designs:

Go old-school with a simple round neck blouse! Again, old-school and simple do not have to mean boring here. Create a dazzling look by adding some embellishments or flares along the border. Sheer sleeves with intricate embroidery also add glam to the outfit.

The round neck is one of the saree blouse designs that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. 

6. Flared Sleeves Blouse Designs:

Draw attention to the blouse by puffing up the sleeves. A blouse with plain or sober patterns on the fabric can look glamorous by adding flares or puffing to the sleeves.

Long sleeves give room for more flares, which look great when you raise your hands while dancing! Among simple saree blouse designs, flared sleeves add a touch of class to the ordinary. 

6. Oval Cut Back Neck Blouse Designs:

An oval cut is the perfect choice for those who want to reveal just a little bit of skin on the back. The oval shape can be lined with embroidery or embellishments along the borders to jazz it up.

You can play with the design to fit your unique sense of style. You can even wear this blouse with your lehengas for added effect. 

7. Shoelace Back Blouse Designs:

The back of this blouse design is enclosed by a long string arranged in a zig-zag pattern, like a shoelace. This is one of the latest saree blouse designs, favoured by many young women, and it is not hard to see why. Attaching tassels at the end of the string will snazzy up this blouse and steal the show.

It offers a great opportunity for those Insta-worthy pictures of your back facing the camera, or reels in which you do a 360-degree turn.

8. Circular Cut with Knots Blouse Design:

A spicy spin to the oval cut gives a large, circular cut, but instead of a hook closure, let the blouse be enclosed by two knots, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Making the knots look like bows adds an elegant touch to this modern saree blouse design.

9. Sheer Back Blouse Designs:

Don’t be afraid to be sassy with a sheer back blouse! Sprinkle in some stonework or delicate embroidery on the sheer part of the blouse, and you’ll be walking tall with confidence!

10. Diamond Back Blouse Design:

This back blouse design is similar to the oval cut but in the shape of a diamond. You can line the diamond border with stonework to get that sparkly appeal on the back.

11. Bejeweled Back Blouse Design:

Is being dramatic more your style? Then don’t settle for less! Let the backside of your blouse dazzle viewers with, not just embellishments, but jewellery!

You can go with strings of pearl or small gemstones to stretch across the backside of your blouse.

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Finding The Perfect Blouse Design 

Choosing a saree blouse design front and back certainly requires some thought. One thing to keep in mind is your comfort and confidence level because you look the best when you’re feeling the most comfortable. You can look at many designs, from the simplest to the most modern, and they each may look great in the pictures, but the only one that matters is the picture you have in your mind of yourself in the blouse. 

Before choosing your saree blouse designs, picture yourself taking those selfies with your back facing the camera, or doing one of those reels in which you do a complete 360 turn. That’ll help you decide which blouse design to get for yourself.

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FAQs On Blouse Design

Which blouse design is best for a saree?

A saree is as beautiful as the blouse it’s worn with, and vice versa. Whether the saree is plain or extraordinary, a blouse that compliments the colours and patterns of the saree is what makes the overall outfit stand out. A simple saree with minimal detailing can be worn with a blouse with heavy embroidery or embellishments. Or a simple blouse can be stitched with stylish sleeves or a graceful back so that the blouse doesn’t look plain. Whichever blouse you go with, ensure it complements the saree.

How tight should a saree blouse be?

A saree blouse should fit just enough that you are able to tuck one finger under the blouse. A blouse that’s too tight around your chest can make you feel suffocated, so it should be loose enough to give you enough room to breathe in. But ensure there isn’t too much gap between your body and the hemline, as that can throw the entire look off. A loose-fitting blouse will look awkward and give the outfit a sloppy feel, so the blouse should be stitched to fit your body measurements exactly plus a tiny bit extra for breathing room.

Which blouse neck design is the best?

There is no blouse neck design that is the best. The neck design of the blouse depends on various factors, such as the overall design of the blouse, the saree, and the body type of the wearer. For a person with a long neck, a collared or round-neck blouse may be more suitable. For someone with a curvy body type, a neckline that highlights the curves, like a sweetheart neckline, may suit them more. For a blouse that has a lot of detailed work, a boat neck that showcases the fine details is recommended.