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What according to you makes a bride look different from other brides in the country? Is it her bridal jewelry, her personality, bridal swag or her lehenga? As you keep thinking, we want to give 5 easy steps to personalize your wedding and stand out.

Just remember one thing, no two brides are the same!!

1) Make your wedding jewelry your personality

A lot of thought, inputs, and suggestions are involved while selecting a bridal jewelry as it is the bride’s biggest asset in her wedding. Often it is seen that the brides run after a perfect lehenga but usually settle for that cliche haar or gala bandh from the family jeweler just because it’s a family tradition. But, here we ask you, why would you spend so much and buy something that you aren’t happy about? Investments come at all shapes, sizes, and prices and there are definitely enough and more out there to suit your personality. So, we suggest a thin diamond solitaire necklace if you’re simple, a nice maroon haar if you’re looking to stay royal, an emerald-piece if you like a bit of colour and jazz, or lots of detachable chains and gala bandhs if you are looking for versatile ideas so that you can wear this jewelry long after the wedding.

2) Find out and nurture your personality

Before anything else, figure out who you are at the beginning. Are you a classic royal bride, who loves and adores all the frills and traditions in place, a glam bride who wants nothing traditional but latest fare on board, a quirky one who makes sure sneakers are her regular fare under her lehenga or a bohemian one who wants romantic, laid -back, ethereal, and non-traditional wedding ceremony? Make sure you look through yourself and do not change your personality to suit your wedding through someone else’s views, do it the other way round. Be the game changer as it is your day. Often we have noticed that brides suddenly change themselves for what others in the family or tradition demand. We say put your chin up and be the bride that showcases her personality to the maximum instead of adopting one!

3) Add unexpected twists: Bridal entry ideas

Weddings anyway come in a package of unexpected twists but apart from all these what if you add an extra twist to your favorite sections in the wedding? Make sure you have a roadmap in your head when the entire set up is being done and have enough and more pictures in hand to give the experts references. And surprise your guests, family, and friends with ideas that suit your personality as a couple. Get your entry to the main mandap in a way that no one could actually imagine, maybe get a bike or a Segway. Maybe you like to make a grand one on a chariot – it’s all about one good unexpected twist in your wedding tale and your guests will discuss it for days.

4) Every picture should scream out a story

Well, much as we love candid shots, we hate seeing the same cliche smiley pictures in all your wedding albums. The worst ones are those that come with same old “shoulder-holding” portraits which were. So make sure you have everything planned in your head like the specific mehendi shots, sangeet shots, pre-wedding ideas clicks, post-wedding shots and definitely put in a couple of references so your photographer knows how to keep things going your way flawlessly.

5) Notice the detailing

The best weddings are the ones where the bride makes an effort to look like a dream using the smallest little ideas and details. A shoe with a personalized message, a mehendi design that showcases your love journey, a bike that you can enter in or that bunch of customized exotic flowers or a brooch that preaches your tribe – you name it, it’s etched in pretty pictures! That’s why you need an idea that really defines your personality ,and look for vendors who personalizes that dream of yours.

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