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Indo Western Saree Draping Styles: Explore New Ways Of Draping A Saree To Stand Out From The Crowd

A saree is a symbol of grace, tradition and culture in India. It is one of the oldest forms of clothing worn by Indian women for thousands of years. The saree has gone through much evolution over the years, with each culture and each generation of women styling it in their own way. The latest in this generation’s saree style is an indo western saree look. From movies to architecture and food, Indian culture has been evolving to include more western influences, and the Indian saree is no less. Nowadays, indo western saree draping styles are becoming increasingly popular, as women want to wear a traditional outfit that is sprinkled with hints of western culture.

If you love wearing sarees but want your outfit to be different, consider going for a western saree look. The Indian fashion industry has accommodated emerging styles of every kind of saree, which now means that there are several ways to be unique. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next saree, our indo western saree draping style recommendations are here to help.

Indo Western Saree Draping Styles For The Contemporary Woman

Check out these indo western saree draping styles for ideas on how to take your saree game to the next level.

1. Saree Worn with contrast pants

Ditch the boring old saree petticoat for a pair of contrast pants. Drape the pallu over the shoulder like you would any regular saree, but make sure the rest of the saree doesn’t cover the pants. This type of Indo Western saree draping style should also have fewer pleats than a regular saree to show the pants. For a grand occasion like a wedding, go for palazzo or sharara pants. The extra flare these pants offer adds to the ‘flowiness’ of the outfit. For a less grand occasion, like ethnic day at the office or an evening cocktail party, you can go for a pair of stylish jeggings or churidhar pants in contrast colour to the saree.

2. Saree Paired with a skirt 

Why wear a plain petticoat under your saree when you can wear an elegant long western skirt and show it off? A long flowy skirt over which you drape a narrow pallu makes for a sophisticated western saree look. You can even go for a body-hugging fishtail skirt to highlight your figure. The fishtail skirt adds the graceful touch you need when you do the catwalk.

3. Going rogue with a jacket

Styling your saree with a beautifully designed jacket is an easy way to add a contemporary touch to your saree look. Pair your saree with a sequined jacket, or a contrast colour jacket that is sure to steal the show. A jacket with embroidery makes for a charming contribution to this western saree style.

4. Belting it up

Although wearing a belt has always been part of the traditional saree outfit, especially among south Indian brides, you can make your saree look more modern by wearing a trendy belt. Earlier, it was common for women to wear a gold belt around the waist. Now you can wear any contrast belt to nail that Indo Western saree draping style. You can even go for a braided belt that is sure to complement the rest of your outfit. A belt with embellishments or tassels will also do the trick.

5. Up top with a crop

Bored of all your old blouses? A contrast crop top can save the day. Crop tops are one of the most convenient hacks to modernise your traditional saree. A plain crop top would go well against a cotton saree draped loosely over your shoulders. This is an ideal outfit for an informal party or get-together.

6. It’s all about the dress

Add a modern twist to your traditional saree by draping it like a dress. This Indo Western saree draping style is worn along with pants, with the pleats tucked at the back, and the pallu flowing from the back to the front over both the shoulders, leaving the front side open. An ideal saree for this look would be a chiffon or a georgette saree, as the material flows smoothly. Hold the pallu in the front together by wearing a belt.

7. Halfsies 

A traditional half saree is usually worn by young girls, especially in south India. The half saree comes in three individual parts, which are: the skirt, pallu and blouse. You can create your own indo western half-saree ensemble by pairing a skirt with a contrast blouse or crop top and an embellished or netted pallu.

8. Off-The-Shoulder Style 

For this Indo Western saree draping style, wrap the pallu around both shoulders, just off the shoulders, and tie the pallu in the front with a belt to hold it in place. Wearing a turtleneck sleeveless blouse with this draping style hits the bullseye.

Why You Should Go For An Indo Western Saree Draping Style

A western saree look to match your bold personality is sure to turn heads at any occasion you go to. It is a fashionable way to show your audience that you embrace modernity while sticking to your traditional roots. Complete the Indo Western saree draping style with stiletto heels, a jazzy bracelet, dangling earrings and a bindi that matches the saree.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Indo Western Saree Draping Style

How many types of saree drapes are there?

There are many ways to drape a saree. Nowadays, young women are embracing their own personal style of draping a saree, which has become the newest tradition. We’ve listed eight different ways to style a saree, but if you can get creative, you can find new ways of draping.

What is Nivi style saree?

Nivi style saree is the one of the oldest and most common styles of draping a saree. It is worn by tucking the pleats at the front, and taking the pallu around the waist and letting it fall over the left shoulder.

Which type of saree looks slim?

A saree that makes one look slim depends on several factors, such as the saree material and the patterns. A stiff material saree, such as cotton or netted, are not the slimming type as they are stiff and do not flow around the body. A material like satin or chiffon flows well around the body, giving a slimming effect. Loud colours or large patterns are also not recommended if you want a slim look. Go for a saree that has small floral patterns or a minimal number of colours for a slimming effect.

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