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New Trend Sarees: Discover The Latest Saree Trends For Every Women

Sarees are the best ethnic wear a woman can own in her wardrobe. From sarees that were handed down from her mother and grandmother to the ones that she purchased on her own, each saree is a distinct piece of family or personal history. Apart from tradition, the latest saree trends make it a viable option to wear for fashionistas who want to look good and feel comfortable. Unlike classic sarees, new trend sarees blend traditions with contemporary styling. New, improved fabrics are combined with traditional forms of embroidery to create a modern version of something that has been with us for ages. The sarees trending today are all about glamour and comfort. 

What are these latest saree trends? We will explore that in detail in this blog. From designer sarees to ones that pay tribute to our heritage of handloom sarees but with a modern twist, these new trend sarees are all about style for a contemporary world. Soft, wrinkle-free fabrics that come in trendy colours and designs, the latest in sarees are fit for a modern fashionista. 

Explore New Trend Sarees That Will Change Your Fashion Game

If you thought sarees were only for older generations, think again. From Bollywood stars who sashay down red carpets proudly wearing a symbol of our national heritage to new brides who are ready to face their future dressed in their bridal saree, the saree has come a long way. Today, new trend sarees are all the rage and come with three distinct factors: they are made from easy-to-wear material, they feature embroidery in traditional or modern motifs, and they come in fun, glamorous colours. 

Easy-to-wear trendy saree materials

The latest saree trends are all about convenience. Cotton sarees needed to be starched and air-dried in the old days to look great. Today, with newer materials available, sarees are ready to go from wash to wear without any additional effort. They are all lightweight and be worn all day without any fuss. These sarees also come in a riot of colors and prints—pastels, solid bold colours, and machine-printed floral motifs or geometric patterns.

Some of the recent saree trends in materials are:

  • Net sarees – an absolute favourite with fashionistas, net sarees hold saree pleats well. They also frame the silhouette flatteringly and look fantastic with sequins and other embellishments. With a net saree, you can show off that richly embroidered blouse you recently bought that makes you feel like a queen. 
  • Art silk sarees – similar to traditional silk, art silk, or artificial silk, is a more sustainable and modern trend. Love your silk sarees but want something a little more affordable and convenient? The sarees trending today are all art silks that come with a zari weave or other forms of embroidery.  
  • Georgette – new trending sarees also come in silky georgette fabric in solid colours and sequin embellishments. Georgette sarees carry colours well. From pretty pastels to deep dark colours, these sarees look vibrant and won’t fade for years. 
  • Organza – if silky material is not your style and you want something with a little more structure, try trendy sarees in organza. Perfect for prints, these sarees don’t wrinkle easily and are as comfortable as cotton. 
  • Semi-crepe – lightweight and perfect for all-day wearing, semi-crepe sarees come with a muted shine that keeps these sarees looking good no matter what. From embroidery to light stone embellishments, these are a modern trend of sarees that will likely stay in fashion for a long time. 

Modern trendy embroidery in sarees

We’re familiar with zari embroidery, especially on silk sarees. But the current trend is to use other forms of embroidery and embellishments, such as multicoloured thread embroidery, cut dana, mirror work, and more. Depending on the occasion, you can wear heavily embroidered sarees for those special occasions or lightly embroidered ones for everyday wear.

There’s a list of the most trending embroidery and embellishments for sarees: 

  • Sequins – whatever the occasion, sequin is the answer. Gold, silver, or a mixture of colours, sequin easily elevates a saree’s look. 
  • Mirror work – the latest trend in saree embellishments is to wear something that glitters or shines. Mirror work is everything you need on a saree, especially if paired with some thread work.
  • Thread work embroidery – while you may be familiar with zari on a saree, nothing says ‘stylish’ more than exquisite artistry tracing floral or geometric motifs with thread. This work on a saree is creative and alluring, from gold or silver to colourful thread work.  
  • Chikankari – on a saree? Yes, of course! The beauty that once adorned only salwar suits can be found on sarees also. 
  • Cutdana – glass beads that add a touch of glamour to your saree are a perfect way to emphasize the motifs on your saree. 
  • Beadwork – if shimmering embellishments are not your style, try some beadwork on tribal motifs. 
  • Gota patti – floral motifs embellished with the traditional art form gota patti on net sarees is a thing for fashionistas.  

And the list goes on. 

Trendy colour palettes – tired of reds, greens, and blues? The latest colour trends in sarees 

Include rich, vibrant colours in pastels, greys, pinks, yellows, and more. Suitable for different skin tones, you can choose sarees that dress you well. Pair the saree with a matching blouse or one in a contrasting colour for the best effect. Pastel sarees suit a variety of purposes, including daytime events. It works as part of the bridal trousseau for a Mehendi or Haldi function or even for the wedding reception. Brides are not shying away from wearing bold, deep colours these days. The trending saree colour for the wedding season can be maroon or forest green, both dark in tone. A rich emerald green or a midnight blue saree in georgette with sequin embellishments will make a perfect bridal reception saree.  

Find The Latest New Trend Sarees At Koskii 

If you are looking for trending sarees that suit your style and look fashionable in today’s world, come to Koskii, where we house several types of sarees. The new trend sarees are for material, colours, and embroidery that are not run-of-the-mill. We specialize in dainty or bold embroidery that can be whimsical or very structured, depending on your choice. The latest saree trends revolve around blending convenience with beautiful sarees so that you get the glam without the hassle. 

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FAQs on New Trend Sarees

Which saree will be trending in 2023?

Traditional silk sarees will always be in vogue. But in 2022, sarees made from materials including art silk, net, organza, semi-crepe, and others have grown in popularity. From gracing fashion ramps to being worn by Bollywood stars on red carpets, these trendy sarees are also seen on brides and in wardrobes worldwide. Fresh colours, a new take on traditional embroidery and embellishments, and new, classy colours are all you need to look glamorous this year.

What is the latest trend in sarees?

The biggest trend in sarees today is to wear contrasts. A contrasting-coloured blouse elevates the saree, as does embroidery in a different colour. The tradition of wearing sarees and blouses that has to match has evolved over the years. Today, it’s all about balance. A sparkly blouse pairs well with a simple saree. While a simple, tube-top blouse pairs well with a richly embellished and embroidered saree.

Which saree fabric is in trend now in 2022?

The most significant trend in saree material is convenience blended with style. Everyone wants to look their best, but our hectic schedules don’t allow us the privilege of taking time over our looks. Hence, the need for ensembles that require the barest minimum effort with the highest payout in terms of looking fashionable. So, saree materials that are trendy today don’t require the arduous task of ironing. They look ravishing all day without creasing. Sarees in net, chiffon, art silk, and georgette are some saree materials that are in vogue today.

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