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Saree Petticoat Types: How To Choose The Right Petticoat For Your Saree

Weddings, the festive season, or any kind of celebration calls for some saree aesthetic. And when talking of sarees, one cannot ignore the humble petticoat or underskirt. While a lot of us tend not to pay much attention to the saree petticoat, it is this piece of clothing that can make or break your look. With a variety of saree petticoat types to choose from, picking the right one can be confusing.

To get the best fit and silhouette, it is important you match the saree with the right saree petticoat type. Believe it or not, a saree petticoat is a foundation that can dictate your entire look. While a fish-cut petticoat for saree is great for occasions when you want a slimmer silhouette, an A-line petticoat is exactly what you need when comfort is your priority.

Explore more about the different types of petticoats under saree

1. A-line Petticoat

One of the most common types of petticoat under saree, an a-line petticoat is perfect for women who prioritize comfort. It has a wider area for the legs, and its width gradually increases as you reach the ankle, giving it an “A” Shape. This allows ease of movement as there is a lot of room.

This kind of saree inner petticoat is the best fit with cotton and everyday sarees.

2. Fish Cut Petticoat

Mermaid or fish cut petticoat for saree are often worn with sarees that are draped tightly. The upper part of this slim-fit petticoat for saree is tightly fitted, while the lower part is slightly looser to allow movement.

Usually fitted with a zip on the waist, this kind of petticoat is perfect for women looking to accentuate the curves of their bodies.

3. Satin or Silk Petticoat

If the saree you are wearing is sheer in nature, satin and silk petticoats for saree are your best friend. The material’s natural sheen and softness enable the saree to be draped beautifully. It is soft on the skin and moulds to your body’s curves, making for a luxurious experience.

4. Crepe Petticoat

If you are someone who loves flowy crepe, georgette, and chiffon sarees, then a crepe petticoat is your best bet. A crepe petticoat does not change the shape and structure of a saree and helps highlight its flowy nature.

5. Layered Petticoat

For women who love a little flare to their saree, a layered petticoat is your best bet. Slim fit till the knees, this kind of petticoat comes with an extra layer of can-can so that it can enhance the flare of your saree. Perfect for those occasions that demand a little extra something! So, now that you know which saree petticoat types go with which sarees, we hope you will make better choices the next time you decide to don the six yards.

Remember, a saree only looks its best when you pair it with the right petticoat. By choosing designer petticoats for sarees, you can ensure the right fit and shape for your saree to look even more beautiful and gorgeous.

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FAQs on Saree Petticoat Types

Which petticoat is best for a saree?

The petticoat is the foundation of a saree, and it can make or break your look. This is why it is extremely crucial to choose one according to the occasion and type of saree you plan on wearing. For sheer and tightly draped sarees, satin and fish-cut petticoats might be your best bet. Whereas, if you are someone who wears sarees daily and needs to be on your feet, a cotton A-line petticoat would be a better option.

Which is better, saree shapewear or a petticoat?

While regular petticoats have been around for decades, saree shapewear is slowly picking up momentum as a more fitted alternative. Unlike regular petticoats that are usually A-shaped, a saree shapewear is designed to hug and accentuate your curves. With the help of saree shapewear, you can achieve a more slimmed-down look and avoid looking bulky in your favourite saree. However, saree shapewear is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. Whether you opt for a traditional A-line petticoat or a saree shapewear, the idea is to carry the ensemble with confidence and a smile on your face.

Which petticoat is best for Banarasi saree?

Since Banarasi sarees can be a bit heavy, wearing a cotton petticoat may be your best bet, as it absorbs sweat and keeps things light and airy. Unlike satin or silk, cotton petticoats for saree do not stick to your legs and allow ease of movement even with rising temperatures. However, for some Banarasi sarees, a silk petticoat may be better suited than cotton. And if you are aiming for a more slim-fit look, then a fish-cut petticoat could be an option.

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