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Koskii Customer Stories

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  • Twinning For Life

    #KoskiiCustomerStories  We want to introduce you to Kusuma and Kumuda.  They are true blue Bangaloreans, i.e., they lived in the city before its name was changed to Bengaluru. But more importantly, they are identical twins, giving them a unique sense of self and identity. Like two halves of one soul, or as Kusuma describes their…

  • Found Love At a Job Interview

    #KoskiiCustomerStories Little did Divya Chawan know, when she attended her first job interview through a campus placement, that her life would dramatically change. Not only would she land her first job straight out of college (hello, adulting!), but she would also meet the love of her life, Tarun Gangwar. But that’s not the whole story.  Read…

  • A Bollywood Love Story That’s A Definite Blockbuster

    #KoskiiCustomerStories  At the outset, let us tell you that not even Bollywood writers couldn’t have scripted a love story like this. When Ann Jose and Dovin Mathew walked into our office, we loved how cute they looked as a couple. Then we heard their story and our jaws hit the floor. Theirs is not an…