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Elegant Nauvari Saree Look For Every Maharashtrian Bride

Commonly known as the Marathi saree drape, the Nauvari saree look is deeply connected with the state’s culture and history. While most sarees are six yards long, this kind of drape usually calls for a nine-yard-long saree – which is where it gets its name, “Nauvari,” from. 

The Nauvari saree pattern is inspired by Maharashtrian women who took to draping their saree this way to allow ease of movement on the battlefield during wars. The style of saree draping is similar to that of a dhoti, worn by men, giving women the much-needed freedom to move around with ease.

Traditionally, Maharashtrian brides go for yellow or green nauvari saree looks, as the colours are a sign of happiness and prosperity. However, in the last few years, brides have also been opting for colours like pink, violet, red and royal blue. Confused about which colour you should opt for as a Nauvari saree bride? 

Here’s A List Of Some Of The Best Colours That Would Complement The Nauvari Saree Look Best

1. Irresistible Yellow Nauvari Saree Look For Brides

Symbolizing prosperity and festivities, the colour yellow is a great choice for brides who want to rock the Nauvari saree look. It is no secret that yellow and gold complement each other, so, there is not much that can go wrong here. 

Ieyour complexion is dusky, opt for mustard or mango yellow. Fairer complexioned brides can get away with light or even lemon yellow. To make the colour pop more, pair the yellow saree with a pink or red blouse.

2. Exotic Green Nauvari Sarees Look For Prosperity

When shopping for bridal wedding sarees, this colour is a must-have. A classic Maharashtrian wedding is incomplete without a Nauvari saree photo in the colour green. 

A green saree look is a timeless pick for a Maharashtrian bride who wants to keep things traditional. Complete the look with a shela in a contrasting colour, and don’t forget to add a nath/nose ring.

3. Truly Royal Nauvari Saree Threads In Violet 

Nothing emanates royalty like jewel tones. As a Maharashtrian bride, if you are looking to make a statement, the colour violet is your best friend. Many designer sarees incorporate these colours for bridal wear. 

When shopping for a violet Nauvari saree pattern, look for pieces with a golden border. Gold and violet together make for a regal combination, and not much can go wrong here. Pair it with a blouse in contrasting colours, and you are good to go!

4. Traffic-stopping Nauvari Red Sarees For Auspicious Occasions 

No wedding is complete without a dash of red. In most parts of North India, red is the colour most brides go for, so it is always a great idea to go for a red Nauvari saree look. And if you are worried that the colour might not complement your skin tone, don’t you worry. 

As they say, there is a red for every woman. For women with fair complexion, bright red saree would be a better option. Whereas dusky women should opt for deeper reds and maroons. However, in the end, go for whatever makes you feel like a million bucks! If you are going for a full crimson look, you can opt to break the monochrome with an off-white shela.

5. Gorgeous Peacock Blue Nauvari Sarees For You

While you may think that royal or peacock blue is an unconventional choice in a Nauvari saree for bride, the colour is slowly gaining popularity with brides looking to add a modern touch to their Maharashtrian weddings.

6. Pretty-As-A-Picture Pink Nauvari Sarees

If you are a fan of the colour pink, there is no reason why you cannot adorn the colour on your big day. For women with a fairer skin tone, the colour baby or blush pink would work wonderfully with their complexion. Whereas, for dusky or dark-skinned women, a deeper pink would be better suited – think hot pink and magenta. Meanwhile, a dusty rose pink saree would be a safe bet for most Indian women.

While choosing the colour of your Kashta saree look, don’t forget to pay attention to the shela. You can opt for a cohesive and harmonious look with a shela that is a similar shade to your saree. Or you can choose to go with a shela in a contrasting colour to make the saree colour pop even more.

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FAQs on Nauvari Saree Look

Which colour is best for Nauvari saree?

Traditionally, Maharashtrian brides opt for a yellow or green coloured saree. However, there is no reason why you cannot experiment with other colours. For a more regal look, opt for sarees in colours such as violet, royal, or peacock blue. Red and pink are also popular choices for brides.

What do you wear under a Nauvari saree?

Unlike the traditional saree, which requires a petticoat underneath it, the Nauvari saree is usually worn with leggings, slacks, or even cycling shorts. This is because with this type of drape, one set of pleats goes between the legs and is tucked at the waist on the back, like a dhoti.

What is special about Nauvari saree?

While most sarees are six yards long, the Nauvari saree look usually calls for a nine-yard-long saree – which is where it gets its name “Nauvari” from. This style of saree draping is inspired by Maharashtrian women who took to wearing their saree in this manner for ease of movement on the battlefield during wars. The drape is similar to that of a dhoti, worn by men, giving women the much-needed freedom to move around with ease.

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