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Bengali Saree Draping: The Definitive ‘How To Drape’ Guide For Every Women

Bengali saree tradition blooms with rich handlooms like Tant, Deccai, Jamdani, Baluchari, and Garad. Yet what really does justice to these beauties is the age-old Bengali style saree draping. Movies like Devdas and Gunday have done their fair part in instilling timeless adoration for the peculiarly charming Bengali saree draping. The simplistic charm of this drape is unmatched in an eternal way. 

No doubt the nivi style saree, thanks to its painless steps, has found a place in everyone’s heart across the country. However, putting in some extra effort to try sophisticated forms of traditional styles like the Bengali saree draping is what could make your ethnic look an absolute piece of heart. The bridal drape called the ‘aatpoure’ (eightfold) is recognizable widely, but we recommend learning how to drape saree in Bengali style in its most classic form first. Don’t be deceived by its sophisticated looks, the draping process is surprisingly easy to do as well as carry. 

Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide to Ace Timeless Bengali Saree Draping:

Are you ready to learn how to drape a Bengali saree? Explore the steps mentioned below to master the art of Bengali saree draping.

Step 1: Get The Base Intact And Uniform

The secret to a perfect Bengali style saree draping is getting the base intact and uniform. Start tucking at the navel and go around the waist to the right side of the hip.
The saree will come around to arrive at the front, completing a full circle at your navel. As for the length, the saree should cover your feet or at least graze the top of the feet if worn with heels.

Step 2: Tucking The Saree

Once the first round of bengali saree draping is in place, take some part of the saree and tuck it around the left hip. You’ll notice that the reverse side is showing in the front. Now take the saree towards the right hip and tuck it there.
Repeat this again and what you will have by this point is two broad pleats covering the front, the hallmark of modern Bengali saree draping style. 

Step 3: Pleating The Saree – The Bengali Way! 

This is where it gets tricky for people when trying to figure out how to drape saree in Bengali style. So let the rest of the saree be and begin making pleats on the pallu side. Check your box pleats to remove any wrinkles and smoothen the fabric out. You can also take someone’s assistance to properly align and stiffen your pleats’ creases all the way to the bottom.

Step 4:

Off to the next step of how to drape Bengali saree. Take the pallu across the left shoulder, ensuring the entire length goes around. No shame in using some extra pins to secure the saree on the shoulder, especially when doing bengali bridal saree draping styles. 

Step 5:

Take the rest of the saree from the back and bring the pallu in the front from the right-hand side, under the arm. Further on, you can either tie a keyring (chabhi guccha) on the right shoulder or simply throw it over the shoulder for a more free-flowing look. You can also opt for simply placing it over the left shoulder. Viola! You are ready to give the nivi style saree draping a run for its money!

Step 6: The Final Step

If you’re going to commit to the Bengali style saree draping style, you might as well add some characteristic accessories to enhance your look. Consider tying a bunch of keys using an engraved keychain on the fringes of the pallu, letting it chime over your shoulders. Ditch short-sleeved blouses for long sleeves or puffy elbow-length ones. Opt for Bengali sarees with intricate and broad borders, making the entire look come alive vibrantly. Add traditional bangles like Pola (coral bangles) or Shankha (Conch bangles) as the final touch. 

We’re sure by this point you must be looking at your calendar, itching to find the perfect occasion to try your hands on the Bengali style saree draping. But guess what? You don’t need one. Pull out one of your finest heavily bordered silk finesses and try it now. Because what is more traditionally soft yet urbane and confident than a crisply done Bengali saree draping. 

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FAQs on Bengali Saree Draping

What is the Bengali style of saree draping called?

The Bengali saree drape has evolved to accommodate many versions but what really sets them apart is the box pleated pallu, seamlessly falling in the front. The ‘aatpoure’ is one of the most popular ones, essentially donned by the brides. It literally translates to eightfold due to the process.

What is Bengali saree called?

The culturally rich land of West Bengal is enriched with handlooms of various types. Some of the most widely popular to exclusively produced ones are Phulia, Dhakai Jamdani, Dhakai Muslin, Taant, Shantipuri, Mulmul Cotton, Begumpuri, Dhaniakhali, Kantha Stitch, Khesh, Tangail, Dhakai, Jamdani, Tussar, Baluchari, Matka Silk, and Korial.

How many yards is a Bengali saree?

Most of the saree types under the broader category of Bengali saree are the standard 5.5 metres in length. Only some, like the Baluchari sarees, are found to be shorted, five yards long and some forty-two inches in width, to be precise. Similarly, the Taant saree is 6 metres long when compared to a normal sari which happens to be 5.5 metres in length.

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