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How To Look Slim In A Saree: A Fashion Hacking Guide

The world of sarees is full of diverse materials, styles, textures and colours. They can be colourful, rich in embroidery or just plain solids. Wearing a saree can make you look and feel like a queen, but how to look slim in a saree? By following a few simple tricks and hacks of how to wear a saree to look slim, you can take your saree game up a notch effortlessly. 

When it comes to how to look slim in a saree, selecting the right piece and draping it correctly is of utmost importance. If you’ve always wanted to look slim and stylish when wearing a saree, then we’re sure you’re going to love what we have up our sleeve. 

Here are five tips to help you drape that saree with panache to look slim and elegant

1. Choose A Drape With Thin Borders To Look Slim in a Saree

A thick border will add volume to your saree and make you look heavier than you actually are. And no one wants that! If you’re going to wear a saree style that has a border, pick one that has narrow, slimmer borders. A sleek border will make your outfit look interesting and fresh while also making you look taller!

2. Style Your Pallu Right

Learning how to drape a saree to look slim is an art, one which gets perfected only with time and practice. And yes, it’s always better to rely on your mother’s advice, as she knows how you can set off your outfit with the perfect pallu drape. But if that fails, you could always try the reverse-pallu or the infinity drape to take the attention away from your torso.

3. Less Is Always More

If you are wondering how to drape saree to look slim, you should pay attention to the kind of prints your saree has. Go for smaller floral prints, geometrics, patchworks and stencilled motifs. Avoid big and heavy embellishments as they tend to work against women with heavier bodies. While we don’t believe in gatekeeping colours, darker colours do tend to flatter heavier body types. So, it is best to avoid bright-coloured sarees or pieces that have big and gaudy prints.

4. Picking The Right Fabric

The fabric that you choose can play an important role in how to look slim in a saree. If you are looking for a saree that looks slimming and gives you a petite and slender look, a selection of lightweight fabrics like chiffon, georgette and crepe should be a good choice. These fabrics accentuate your curves, unlike heavy fabrics like silk which may end up looking boxy on you.

5. Opt For Darker Colours

Dark colours can hide that extra weight and make you look slimmer. When a woman wears a dark-coloured saree or dress, people perceive her to be thinner and more svelte than she really is. Dark colours hide the fat better than lighter ones. If you find a dark colour saree, not to your liking, then adding a splash of colour here and there while accessorising it right can be the perfect solution. 

Irrespective of their age, body type, or complexion, women all across India wear sarees. A saree can make you look regal and is one of the most iconic clothing items to come out of this country. So, if you have been apprehensive about draping this six yards of elegance, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your look is on point the next time you wear a saree and you look slimmer in your drape. All you need to do is follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to looking like a chic fashionista without having to try too hard. So, don your favorite saree, get out there, and have fun!

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FAQs on How To Look Slim In Saree

Which type of saree will make you look slim?

Sarees are versatile and can be dressed up for a special occasion or down for an everyday look. No matter what type of saree you buy, the one thing that you need to remember is that it should be comfortable. The overall look is also important while choosing a saree as well for which you can use our tips to drape it right for a slim and slender look.

How can you look less fat in a saree?

Pick a style of saree that’s flattering to your figure, height and complexion. Avoid thick borders and experiment with draping styles to see which best fits your body type. Opt for darker colours as they tend to have a slimming effect.

How can you hide your belly fat in a saree?

he draping plays a major part in how to look slim in saree. So, ensure you get that right and pay special attention to how and where you pin the pleats, as that can make all the difference. Additionally, you can also opt for longer blouses to cover the stomach or add a jacket for a modern twist.

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