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13 Must-Have Lehenga Colour Combinations For Brides

Lehengas are trending right now with many brides choosing this bridal attire over the traditional saree. The second decision that brides have to make? What colour the lehenga should be. Choosing the best colour combination for lehenga is a task that causes brides an immense amount of stress. After all, you don’t want to blend in with the backdrop on your wedding day. The perfect lehenga colour combination must reflect your personality while bringing your wedding colour scheme together. This is a serious matter and requires careful consideration.

The most popular lehenga colour combination for weddings is red and gold. But if you want to try something different or want to match the palette of your wedding colour scheme, there are several options for you. Read on to find out how to make the most of your lehenga’s colour combinations.

Stylish Lehenga Colour Combinations That Make An Impression

Whether you are wearing a bridal lehenga or wearing a lehenga as a guest at a wedding, choosing the right lehenga colour is important. The perfect lehenga colour combination can elevate your vibe and transform your look. If you are confused how to choose the perfect hue, here are some tips for you. Choose your lehenga colour based on the occasion. Daytime occasions call for lighter colours while nighttime occasions require darker colours. Choose by skin tone. Certain colours look great on some skin tones and not others, while some are universal colours that look great on ALL skin tones. Select the right colour that looks fantastic because of the material. Certain fabrics carry certain colours better.

Here are a few of the best colour combination for lehenga: 

  • White and beige – From bridal to bridesmaids lehengas, the white and cream combination is a statement colour and is quite popular. Set with floral embroidery, a white and beige ensemble looks ethereal and lovely. Pair with silver or diamond studded jewellery for the ultimate style statement. Explore: White Lehenga
  • Multi colour – One of the most beautiful lehenga colour combinations is when a pink, deep red or other colour lehenga is paired with several other colours. A true riot of colours, a multi-coloured lehenga is a thing of beauty.
  • Pink and peach – This lehenga colour combination gives out those feminine and summer vibes, and suits almost every skin tone. Pair it with a statement piece of jewellery, and you are ready to make your mark.
  • Red and pink – Since red is a traditional shade, pink plays a neutralizing role in softening the dominance of red. With both being bold colours, the ensemble is bound to look bright and attract attention. This is the best colour combination for lehenga if you want to look drop-dead gorgeous. Explore: Red Lehenga | Pink Lehenga
  • Navy blue and silver – One of the most sophisticated lehenga colour combinations, this is a cool-toned extravaganza. Perfect for reception or evening occasions, this colour combination is exactly what you need for an indo-western-themed wedding.
  • Green and peach – This medley harmonizes so well together. Both soothe the senses and exude peace and calmness. Pick between sage green and peach, or lime and peach for the best effects. 
  • Pastel colours – Pastels are powerful. Ready to rule the room with sky blue and baby pink? Delight your senses with these candy colours for your bridal ensemble. Ensure the fabric elevates the colour you’ve chosen. Explore: Pastel Colour Lehenga
  • Teal blue and green – This lehenga colour combination is all about that bridal charm. Perfect for daytime events, this colour combination can also be used for nighttime events with the right amount of embroidery and embellishments. Explore: Blue Lehenga
  • Peach and gold – Any bridal wear in a golden hue is a perfect fit. A peachy colour paired with gold is the ultimate in feminine power. Pair it with suitable jewellery to keep your look flawless. This colour combination can be made shimmery for night events for the perfect bridal look. Explore: Peach Lehenga | Yellow Lehenga
  • Violet and gold – The colour violet will emit royal and queenly vibes. Paired with gold, using either zari work or the colour, this lehenga is a sure winner. This lehenga colour combination is perfect for a wedding or reception event.
  • Wine and grey – One doesn’t automatically think of the colour gray when looking for bridal wear, but nevertheless it is a fantastic colour that elevates the ensemble. Paired with a deep wine colour, the gray infuses lightness and levity to give you that divine look. This lehenga colour combination suits all types of skin tones. 
  • Olive green and yellow – For an enchanting Mediterranean look, try pairing lemon yellow with an olive shade of green. This fun and unusual colour pairing is perfect for Mehndi or Haldi functions. Go bold with pistachio green, lemon yellow, and an off-white dupatta. Explore: Green Lehenga & Haldi Lehenga
  • Black with silver – This lehenga colour combination is a classic that never gets old. Black alone has the power to attract and keep attention, while silver adds a ton of dazzle. When black is paired with a glittery colour like silver, this works like magic. 

Lehenga Colour Combinations For Every Skin Tone

Choosing the perfect lehenga colour combination is a daunting task. The most important thing you need to remember is to match your complexion to the colour you are picking. Fair skin tones come alive in bright colours such as yellow, pink, red, and blue. You can also choose dark green, blue and other shades which will highlight your complexion. Dusky skin tones look lovely in earthy shades like browns, coppers, grays, and some deep colours like purple, violet, and lilac. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Lehenga Colour Combination

Which colours look best for a lehenga?

Choose your lehenga colour based on your complexion and the season in which you are getting married. If you are getting married in the summer and you are fair-skinned, choose colours that blend with the sun. Dusky skin tones can choose more earthy shades and muted colours for the best effects.

Which lehenga colour is best for fair skin?

Fair skin tones need colours that contrast with their paleness. Bright and cool colours, such as mint green, blue, sun yellow, deep pink, and cherry red, work best. Darker colours, like navy blue and purple, also add depth to your ensemble.

Which colour is trending now in lehengas?

Traditionally, reds have always been a bridal colour. Today, that is changing with brides willing to experiment with their bridal trousseau. Today, pastel shades are in vogue, followed by more non-traditional colours like purple, orange, pink, gray and more

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