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Sleeveless Blouse Designs Your Inner Desi Diva Will Drool Over

The search for the perfect ethnic outfit doesn’t end when you’ve found the right saree. There’s still the blouse design, and with so many options to choose from, finding the right one is quite a task. By going for a sleeveless blouse design, you have at least one less thing to worry about. Nowadays, women want to explore different styles, and a bold alternative are sleeveless blouse designs.

But how can you tell which sleeveless blouse design would really suit you? We’ve outlined some ideas and tips to give you an idea of how to choose a sleeveless blouse. With these tips in mind, not only will you feel more confident about your blouse, but also be a trendsetter.

Sleeveless Blouse Designs For Every Body Type

Take a look at some of our recommendations for sleeveless blouse designs to slay your next saree look.

1. Halter Neck Sleeveless Blouse Design

If you want to flaunt your fabulous and toned shoulders, do it with a halter-neck blouse! A halter neck is one of the most popular sleeveless blouse designs. It goes well with a georgette saree. If you’re feeling bold, you can make the neckline a plunging one. This type of sleeveless blouse design is ideal for those who have sleek and broad shoulders. We recommend a georgette or a silk blend fabric for this blouse.

2. Sleeveless Blouse With Mandarin Collar

A sleeveless blouse with mandarin collar is a modest yet charming blouse design. You can add buttons down the front in a contrasting colour for some flavour. This collar suits those who are on the heavier side, as it makes the neck look longer. This type of blouse goes well with a cotton saree and can be stitched with cotton fabric. It is suitable for formal events.

3. Sleeveless Blouse With Boat Neck

A sleeveless blouse with a boat neck is ideal for those who want a blouse that is neither too modest nor too bold. This blouse design works well for both slim and heavyset women. We recommend going for a heavily embroidered blouse in this style to pair with a pastel georgette saree.

4. Spaghetti Strap Blouse With Sweetheart Neckline

A spaghetti strap blouse is yet another popular stylish sleeveless blouse design, ideal for toned women. Sport it with a sweetheart neckline to highlight your curves. Styling a velvet or sequined blouse in this fashion and pairing it with a satin saree is sure to have all eyes on you.

5. Sheer Back Netted Sleeveless Blouse

A sleeveless blouse with sheer netted back makes for an alluring look. The netting on the back can have sequins or stonework to add an edge to the look. This blouse design is recommended for slim to broad-built women, and goes well with a georgette or crepe saree.

6. Bralette Blouse With A Strappy Back

Bralettes are becoming increasingly popular among millennial and gen-Z women, and it’s not hard to see why. Women like making fashion statements that match their personalities and bralettes are a bold and sassy choice. A thin-strap bralette blouse with three-to-four horizontal straps running across the back is the way to go to reflect your audacious style. This blouse suits a slim body type well, and can be worn with a georgette saree.

7. Sleeveless Blouse With A Wide U Neckline

A sleeveless blouse with a wide U neckline is a simple yet tasteful design. This blouse style can be worn by all women as the U-line draws attention to the chest area, taking focus away from the less flattering parts of the body. Style the blouse by adding a knot with tassels at the back for some fun flavouring. A silk blouse in this design would go well with a silk saree.

8. Sleeveless Blouse With A Queen Anne Neckline

A sleeveless blouse with a Queen Anne neckline is yet another blouse design that highlights all the right parts. Women with curvy figures would look good in this blouse style as it highlights the curves. This blouse can be made with a silk blend fabric or velvet, and can be worn with sheer or pastel coloured georgette sarees.

9. Sleeveless Blouse With A Turtleneck Neckline

Similar to a halter neck, a sleeveless blouse with a turtleneck neckline is for women with a slim long necks and shoulders. A velvet or cotton knit blouse in this design would pair well with a satin or chiffon saree. You can add some spice to this blouse by adding an oval hole in the front, and a diamond cut at the back. You can also add a sheer layer from the top of your chest to the bottom of the turtleneck for a scintillating look.

Explore Sleeveless Blouse Designs

Now that you have ideas for your blouse, you can get started with planning your outfit. Sleeveless blouses are the perfect medium for you to deliver a bold and stylish fashion statement. These blouses are edgy, fun and allow you to flaunt your best features. Going with a sleeveless blouse is a surefire way to create a drool-worthy, stars-in-your-eyes desi look.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sleeveless Blouse Designs

Which blouse is the best for fat arms?

Blouses with a round or U neckline are best for fat arms as the roundness of the neckline draws attention to the chest area and takes away focus from the arms.

What is an Indian saree blouse?

An Indian saree blouse is a piece of clothing that covers the top part of the body and is worn along with a saree. Blouses may be of varying lengths, different sleeve lengths, and different styles.

Which blouse design is suitable for broad shoulders?

If you want to show off your broad shoulders, then go for a halter neck or a sleeveless turtleneck blouse. If you want to hide your shoulders, then go for a boat neck blouse. A boat neck blouse shifts focus from your shoulders to your collarbones and is, therefore a good choice.

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