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Types of Lehenga: Explore Different Types Of Lehenga Styles That Will Dazzle Everyone Around You

There is no dearth of festivals in India, and there are certainly multiple occasions to wear ethnic clothing. The best part about the Indian fashion industry is that there are so many different types of Indian clothing, and each type can be styled in countless ways, allowing you to dress in your own unique sense of style. And now you’re considering wearing a lehenga, but with many types of lehengas to choose from, you’re not sure where to begin.

A lehenga is an elegant and grand choice. It makes any woman wearing it feel like a princess. Most Indian women have many types of lehengas in their wardrobe for different occasions, and now it’s time to upgrade yours. Our style recommendations will give you an idea of how to choose a style for your next ethnic event.

Different Types Of Lehengas You Can Use In Your Wardrobe

From the truly richly embroidered to the more affordable options, there are many different types of lehengas available today. Our guide on different types of lehengas with names will help you identify different styles and give you inspiration and ideas for your next occasion.

  • A-Line Lehenga: A lehenga with an A-line skirt is the type of lehenga in which the skirt is narrow at the waist and widens out at the bottom in an A-shape. This is one of the more popular types of lehenga in which the skirt does not come with pleats; it just tapers outwards to the hemline. It goes well with heavy embroidery work.
  • Pleated Lehenga: A pleated lehenga comes with a skirt that has a lot of pleats, making the skirt flare outwards at the bottom. It’s perfect if you love twirling and dancing as it flows with your body. It goes well with floral patterns or embroidery work.
  • Sharara Lehenga: A sharara lehenga has sharara pants instead of a skirt and the top is a kurta of medium to long length or a crop top. This is ideal if you prefer to wear something comfortable but still want flares and glamour in your clothing. If you wear sharara’s with a kurta, ensure it is filled with handiwork and embellishments.
  • Fishtail Lehenga: A fishtail lehenga comes with a skirt in the shape of a fishtail. It is body-hugging till around the knees, below which it tapers outwards towards the hemline. This type of lehenga skirt goes well with a short, made-to-fit blouse, so it is ideal for those who want to flaunt their curves.
  • Train Lehenga: If you want to feel like royalty, go for a lehenga skirt that has a long trail at the back. Picture yourself sitting on top of a staircase and having the train of your skirt flow down two or three steps below you. The train lehenga is bound to bring out your inner princess.
  • Layered Lehenga: A layered lehenga comes with a skirt that has multiple layers of different fabric forming flares that add a youthful and modern spin to the lehenga. It’s ideal for an evening party that involves a lot of dancing.
  • Circular Lehenga: A circular lehenga comes with a skirt that tapers outwards wide enough for the hemline to form a circle. Imagine yourself wearing this type of lehenga and twirling, and the skirt twirls with you with the hemline forming a circle. Makes you want to take reels of this, doesn’t it? This is ideal for a dandiya dance party, sangeet party, or wedding reception as you will be twirling a lot.
  • Straight Cut Lehenga: A straight-cut lehenga comes with a straight skirt. This type of lehenga goes well with heavy embroidery and is perfect for formal occasions like weddings or puja ceremonies. If you are someone who likes clothing that’s elegant and has no drama, a straight-cut lehenga is the way to go.
  • Half Saree Lehenga: A half saree lehenga is where the dupatta is draped around the lehenga like a saree, and the skirt comes with pleats in the front. If you can’t decide between a saree or a lehenga, this type of lehenga solves your dilemma. It’s classy, unique, and ideal for those who are not comfortable showing the navel.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of lehenga you can explore, keep in mind these general tips when choosing your lehenga. The fewer flares or pleats on the skirt, the more handiwork the skirt should have. Skirts that are flowy should have more sequined patterns and designs rather than embroidery as the weight of the embroidery can reduce the flare. 

If your blouse or top is grand, ensure the work on the skirt is balanced out accordingly. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience. All types of lehenga are gorgeous in their own way.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Types of Lehenga

How many types of lehengas are there?

There are many types of lehengas, and we’ve listed nine different types. From the structured look to the flared lehenga with a cancan skirt, there is a lehenga for every bride. In addition to choosing a colour that matches your complexion, you should also pick the style of lehenga and the type of embroidery you want on your bridal wear.

Which type of lehenga is best?

Each lehenga is unique with its style, shape, design, patterns, and material, so there is no one type that is better than the others. The lehenga you choose depends on the occasion, your body type, the shape of the skirt, the blouse length, and your personal sense of style and comfort.

Which type of lehenga is trending now?

Some of the more modern lehenga styles trending now are pleated lehenga, sharara lehenga, and A-line. The circular lehenga is always a favourite among young women.