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7 Must-Try Double Dupatta Lehenga Styles For Every Bride

On a bride’s wedding day, she should feel like supreme royalty. After all, she’s the most important woman in the room, and all eyes are on her! So, of course, she needs to look her absolute best. Bridal lehengas with double dupattas are the simplest way to highlight you as the bride with a certain finesse. An added ornate dupatta can be the cherry on top of an already luxurious bridal silhouette since it casts a beautifully soft and romantic aura around you. A bridal double dupatta lehenga style can look good with most outfits, be it embellished semi-stitched lehengas or minimalistic readymade ones.

Whether you will be donning a bold red bridal lehenga with double dupatta or a muted pastel pink hue, an extra dupatta can add a delicate feminine flair to any colour lehenga. And you will be glad to know that a bridal double dupatta lehenga style is actually very easy to style. Read on for a concise list of the most flattering draping styles for all skin tones and body types. 

Bridal Double Dupatta Lehenga Style Options to Rock Your Wedding Look

1. Gujarati Saree Draping 

The Gujarati draping style works beautifully with a contrasting dupatta. The inner contrasting dupatta is draped like a Gujarati Saree wherein the front end of the dupatta hangs gracefully with one corner pinned to the hip. The second dupatta can be a net fabric in a neutral colour. This is adorned over the head and around the shoulders, with its ends left loose at the bottom. This double dupatta style cuts an absolutely divine figure.

2. Belted Style

This bridal double dupatta lehenga style is perfect for monochrome and pastel-hued lehengas. The inner dupatta can be made of a sleeker fabric such as crepe or georgette. Neatly pleat it until it’s just about 10cm wide, and simply drape over one shoulder and tuck it in through the matching belt. The outer dupatta can then be pinned to the hair. It trails behind the bride and provides a gorgeous halo effect.

3. Layered Look

Looking forward to wearing a dark red bridal lehenga with double dupatta? Then this style is a must-try as it works best with lehengas in dark and rich hues such as maroon or royal green. First, a sumptuous matching dupatta is draped around the chest diagonally, with one end pinned near the left hip a bit like a saree pallu. The other end comes around the back, covering the shoulders and rests on the bride’s left arm. Over this layer, an organza dupatta in a neutral shade is worn loosely like a shawl.

4. Tightly Tucked-in Draping

This double dupatta style for bride is quite trendy at the moment. A sleek inner dupatta is pleated and wrapped across the chest quite tightly and pinned at the back near the waist. An organza dupatta adorns the head and is left loose on the sides to show it off.

5. Veiled Style

Previously only used in Catholic weddings, this style is now becoming the rage even in other Indian communities across the country. Along with a matching inner dupatta, a transparent light net dupatta is draped in such a way that the bride’s face is either partially or fully covered. Alternatively, a veil attachment can also be fastened with Velcro to the dupatta of your readymade lehenga of choice. This is a popular look for the bride’s entry and can be pulled back above the face or taken off later on in the ceremony.

6. Simple Draping

This is an uncomplicated and flexible style that is easy to drape. If you want to wear a double dupatta bridal lehenga, dupatta draping styles can be varied and difficult to choose from. In case you are confused, go for this one. It works with most simple and classic lehengas regardless of colour or fabric. One dupatta is draped loosely over one shoulder and neatly pleated. The second dupatta goes over the head. Choose the larger dupatta to drape over the head so that it gracefully frames your figure.

7. Deep U Style

Perfect for lehengas with ornate blouses, pin one dupatta to both shoulders and leave a deep U at the front, showing off your blouse. The other dupatta can be hung over the head loosely. This style shows how draping bridal lehengas with double dupatta can be very straightforward and yet beautifully elegant at the same time.

5 Tips to Drape a Bridal Double Dupatta Lehenga Style with Ease and Panache

  • Correct Pinning: Use safety pins in the same colour as the fabric to camouflage them. Pay close attention to the pinning process to avoid any unwanted faux pas during the wedding. While pinning, avoid stretching the fabric too taut since it might cause small tears in the fabric.
  • Harmonious Colour Combination: Make sure there is no clash of colours between the two dupattas. For a bridal double dupatta lehenga style with bold and bright colours, note that if one dupatta is a contrasting colour, get the other one in a neutral shade.
  • Design of the Dupatta: If you plan to drape a dupatta loosely over the head, use a more heavily embroidered piece since it can be fully on display. Dupattas that are pleated up can stay plain with an ornate border. You can even contrast one dupatta with scalloping on the edges with one that has a thick border. Keep in mind that trendy and modern lehenga designs have a different feel to traditional silk ones and so you should accordingly buy a dupatta to match.
  • Selecting the Right Fabric: Keep the temperature and weather in mind. Bridal lehengas with double dupatta contain a lot of fabric and can therefore feel stuffy in warm weather. Choose georgette or chiffon for warmer climates. Use velvet or even pashmina to keep warm in the winter.
  • Weight of the Dupatta: A combination of heavy and light fabrics is a good idea and provides a pleasing contrast of textures. Try using heavier dupattas in fabrics like velvet on the inside layer and a lightweight lace material over the head and shoulders.

How to decide which bridal double dupatta lehenga style to wear

There are a few factors to consider when choosing which bridal double dupatta lehenga style to wear. Experiment with draping according to body shape and comfort level. Are you comfortable with showing skin, or do you want to stay rather modest? Use dupattas and fabric to balance out the silhouette in a way that accentuates your figure in the right places and takes attention away from areas you want to hide.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bridal Double Dupatta Lehenga Style

How do you style two dupattas?

It is easy to style two dupattas on your lehenga. Just layer an inner dupatta depending on your body shape and colour preferences. Then go for a lighter-weight dupatta that can cover your head partially or fully. Experiment with draping, fabrics, and colour combinations. Keep your accessories classic and minimalistic.

Why do brides wear two dupattas?

The double dupatta style adds an extra feminine touch to the bride’s look. The additional fabric looks majestic and is a great way to distinguish her from others on her wedding day. With so much magnificently embellished fabric around her, it’s almost as if a spotlight were following her around on her special day!

How can I style my lehenga dupatta to look slim?

Go for dupattas with sleek fabrics such as georgette or crepe. To prevent a puffy look, drape the dupattas tightly with pleats instead of simply wrapping the dupatta around your body with natural folds. Use belts and accessories to accentuate slimmer portions of your body.

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