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Shaadi Special: ‘Talkative’ Wedding Wear

Circa 1994. 

Princess Diana wore an off-the-shoulder, not-fit-for-a-princess, form-fitting black number to a Vanity Fair party. This memorable outfit (so impressive we’re still talking about it years later) differed from her usual conservative yet fashionable style. The outfit came to be known as her ‘revenge dress’.

Later that day, Prince Charles’ tell-all documentary would premiere on national television. During this documentary, Prince Charles would admit, for the first time, to his adulterous affair. According to her former stylist, Anna Harvey, Diana was meant to wear a different outfit to the party. Instead, she made a last-minute switch because she wanted to look like a “million bucks”.

It’s fascinating how clothing affects how we view ourselves and others. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology used the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the phenomena. They gave participants of the study white coats that they said belonged to doctors. The result? They found that the subjects’ paid more attention when they wore those coats. But when the participants were given clothes that belonged to painters, their ability to pay attention waned. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘power dressing’, doesn’t it?  

What you wear at important moments of your life matters. Should you don that beautiful bridal wear or that striking wedding gown at your wedding? Should you dress like a siren in that sexy choli at your best friend’s wedding or wear that demure designer wedding lehenga? This is our guide to letting your new ghagra do ALL the talking. Here are the outfits you need for those extra special moments in your life where you want to make a statement without saying a word.  

The Games Exes Play

It finally happened. Your ex invited you to his wedding. You’re happy for them, but you still want to look like a total bombshell at his wedding. Nothing says, “I’m over you” better than a sizzling outfit where you don’t have to try too hard, right? Here are our designer outfit suggestions if you are attending a wedding and want to look your best.

This fun, flirty number pairs well with an ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude.

Demure and traditional with stylish little details like the spaghetti straps, this lehenga dress is a sure winner in the “I’m hot, and I know it” department.

Spicy with a touch of the serene, this designer wedding lehenga clothes girl-next-door in a mantle of sophistication.

Smoky and smouldering, this wedding saree takes the unconventional route to make the mysterious appear alluring.

Protection Against Nosy Aunties

Even the sweetest and gentlest of aunties becomes a nagging tormentor at weddings. The occasion brings it out in them. You need the proper armour to survive your next wedding event, especially if you are

  1. Not married
  2. Not engaged
  3. Not pregnant

Here’s our bevvy of beauties that have the power to ward off all aunties with wagging tongues.

Sweet yet all kinds of spicy, this lehenga dress will have the aunties filling up your phone book with the numbers of every eligible bachelor they know

This “I-know-what-I’m-doing” lehenga is the perfect response to every question those nosy aunties will ask you

Sassy with style, this ensemble shows aunties that you don’t have a problem attracting future husbands. The question instead is, ‘how will you choose?’

Chilly yet red hot, this saree for marriage function will ensure those nosy aunties don’t even approach you

A Foodie’s Best Friend

There’s something about weddings that warms every foodie’s heart. From the tantalizing aroma of biryani wafting through the air to the humble yet scrumptious gajar halwa with dollops of ice cream, every taste is heightened and delightful. If you’re an “Imma-here-for-the-food-only” type of wedding attendee, you know the problems of wearing svelte outfits that reveal your secret food-baby after a delectable wedding meal. Here’s our suggestions for the latest lehengas for wedding that ensures you have your cake and eat it too, minus any physical evidence.

On the lookout for a spicy treat? Now look like one yourself with the latest in Indian bridal wear.

Hide your food baby with this elegant white peplum gown. Now, you can ask, “What biryani?”

Spill-rani? This red peplum ensemble will hide all proof of that delicious curry that you spilt on yourself

There’s comfort in yummy food and comfort after yummy food. Wear an outfit that accommodates your need for all kinds of comfort.

The Corporate Shaadi Lookbook

Your colleague is getting married. She’s invited the whole team to her reception. You need to trade in your pinstriped suit for something more suitable for the occasion. The problem? You want to look fun and flirty without losing the respect of your colleagues and your superiors. Here’s our business-approved Shaadi wear that will let you wear your hair down without compromising your professionalism. Wedding-wear that speaks corporate.

Work hard but party harder in this elegant yet playful saree. Perfect for the transition from hardworking woman to fun-loving girl

Let them know you mean business but aren’t afraid of letting your hair down now and then

The intelligent yet elegant look with this designer lehenga for wedding

Nothing says ‘girl boss’ quite like a long-sleeved lehenga


How many times have you ditched going to a wedding only because you didn’t know anyone there? Or because you had to go alone? Solo weddings are the worst, right? Not anymore! Here are our good-looking pieces that are sure to have you swarmed by admirers who want to know where you got that outfit. Forget about being a wallflower. These outfits are attention-grabbers that will put you in the spotlight.

Shine bright like a diamond in this dazzling number

The perfect partner on the dance floor, this outfit was made for twirling

Catch your crush’s attention with our flirty and spicy mustard-yellow sharara. Strapless with a bit of flare and lots of fun, it’ll give you a boost of confidence

Mysterious and sophisticated? This effortlessly classy saree with a touch of seduction is the one for you.

Sometimes you don’t have to say much. You just need to wear the right outfit. We hope you enjoyed our guide to speaking volumes without words. Inspired and ready to find an outfit that says what you want? Take a look at our latest collection here.

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